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Telestial Kingdom

The lowest kingdom of heaven. It is not visited by Heavenly Father or Jesus; only by the Holy Ghost. Although it is the lowest kingdom, its glory, which is symbolized as the glory of stars, is described as surpassing all mortal understanding. 

All evil and unbelieving people will go here. “Those who continue in their sins and do not repent will receive a place in the telestial kingdom” (Plan of Salvation, p.14). “The people who live in the telestial kingdom are those who did not accept either the gospel or a testimony of Jesus, either on earth or in the spirit world. . . While on this earth, they were liars, thieves, murderers, false prophets, adulterers, and those who ridiculed sacred things. They were the people who accepted the beliefs of the world rather than the teachings of Jesus. Many people will live in this kingdom.”  (Gospel Fundamentals, Chapter 36: Eternal Life.)

Biblical Christianity teaches that all who go to heaven will live eternally in the presence of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. It further teaches that only those who have trusted in Jesus’ perfect work will be in heaven. All others will be in hell (Mark 16:16).

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