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FAQs About Our Ministry

What is Truth in Love Ministry?

Truth in Love Ministry is a non-profit, Christian ministry devoted to proclaiming Christ to Mormons and empowering Christians to witness. With more than 35 years of experience in witnessing to Mormons, we've developed a distinctive, Biblical approach to address the unique challenges - and opportunities - of witnessing to Mormons. 

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What is Witness in Love? is our website dedicated to equipping Christians with the resources and courses they need to help share the truth in love with Mormons. Our courses are designed to break down the barriers that Christians face when witnessing, teaching you how to build bridges in your conversations and relationships. 

What makes your approach different?

Most approaches encourage people to focus on the problems in Mormonism: either in its history or doctrine.

  • This requires a person to become well-versed, if not an expert, in Mormonism.
  • This means the discussion centers on Mormonism rather than on Christ.
  • This often results in Mormons feeling attacked and Christian becoming frustrated.

In contrast, our approach is relational rather than confrontational. People don’t need to become well-versed in Mormonism to use it. It is summarized in the following five pillars.

  • See Mormons as victims, not enemies.
  • Treat Mormons with genuine love and respect.
  • Focus on Mormon stress points.
  • Speak the Mormon language.
  • Witness Christ rather than debate Mormonism.

Thousands of people around the world have used this approach to establish and strength relationships with Mormons. Instead of feeling attacked, most Mormons feel loved. Most importantly, the discussions centered on Jesus and the great things he has done rather than on Mormonism.

In addition, we consistently find that when Christians receive training in our approach, they inevitably find greater courage and confidence in sharing their faith with anyone and not just Mormons.

What is your statement of faith?

You can learn more about what we believe by clicking here.

Do your courses focus only on Mormonism?

Our courses are focused on our time-tested approach of witnessing the truth in love to Mormons. They cover the nuances and distinctions that are important to keep in mind when having a faith-centered conversation with a Mormon.

However, many who have implemented our teachings have inevitably found greater courage and confidence in sharing their faith with anyone.

Can your courses be used as a Bible Study?

Yes! And we'd love to equip you with additional resources for small group leaders. Simply complete the contact form above to learn more.

Are your courses free?

Yes! All of our courses are available free of charge.

How can I support your ministry?

Learn more about supporting our ministry here.

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