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A new book from Mark Cares and Jon Leach of Truth in Love Ministry

Every religion recognizes there is a chasm between God and mankind. Religion is all about bridging the chasm, and each lays out its own way of accomplishing this feat.

In Crossing the Chasm, we compare how Mormonism and biblical Christianity each determine how wide the chasm is, the bridges each religion builds to cross the chasm and the vast differences between the two. Finally, we explore how Christians are uniquely equipped to reach out to Mormons with truth and love, inviting them to cross the chasm with joy and confidence on the steady and strong bridge of Jesus Christ.

"A must-read book for anyone who wants to share the good news of God's grace with Mormons."

Ross Anderson

Author of Understanding Your Mormon Neighbor
Director of Utah Advance Ministries

More Information About Crossing the Chasm

Expands Upon Speaking the Truth in Love to Mormons

Crossing the Chasm builds and expands upon the foundational truths and advice first shared in Mark Cares’ original book, Speaking the Truth in Love to Mormons.

Responds to a Great Need

The need to share Jesus with Mormons is as great as it ever has been. Crossing the Chasm explores the key topics which are relevant to helping Mormons understand the biblical way of salvation.

Insights & Lessons From 20 Years of Witnessing

Crossing the Chasm shares many of the insights and lessons we have learned over the past 20 years of witnessing to thousands of LDS members and equipping tens of thousands of Christians to witness to Mormons.

Answers to Key Questions

The book helps the reader answer the question we've seen over and over again — "How do I respond when my LDS friend says she's a Christian?" — along with many other ways to share key differences with your LDS friends in love.

Practical Witnessing Tips

Readers will learn practical witnessing tips to help present and share the main truths of sin and salvation with LDS friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and more.

"Lots of Good Pointers."

Sandra Tanner

Utah Lighthouse Ministry

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