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Mormonism has a weak view of sin. “Sin is knowingly choosing to do wrong or not to do right” (Plan of Salvation, p. 9). A person sins only if they consciously and deliberately disobey one of God’s commandments. Instead of talking about sin, they use words such as bad habits, infractions, mistakes, and poor judgments.

Neither does Mormonism teach that humans have a sinful nature. LDS Scripture (D&C 29:46-47) says a child cannot sin until they are eight years old. Instead of talking about a person’s sinfulness, they more often talk about their divine potential.

Biblical Christianity teaches that we sin not only in our actions but also in our thoughts (Matthew 5:28). When it comes to sin, ignorance is not bliss. Sin is sin whether a person realizes they are sinning or not (Romans 7:7). Even one sin ruins perfection and brings total guilt (James 2:10). 

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