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Crossing the Chasm

Helping Mormons Discover the Bridge to God

Jesus said, “I am the way” (John 14:6). Tragically, Mormons don’t realize the bridge they’re on will never reach God. God can use you to change that.

Crossing the Chasm exposes the differences between the bridge Mormonism proposes and the biblical bridge – differences which are often obscured. Mark and Jon also offer practical tips for talking with Mormons so they too can experience the confidence of standing on Christ alone.

What Others Are Saying

Easy to Read Guide

Crossing the Chasm is an outstanding resource for individuals who have a heart for Mormons and want to share the great news of salvation that comes through Christ alone. This easy-to-read instructive guide covers the basic differences between Mormonism and biblical Christianity without overwhelming the reader with excessive doctrinal distinctions.

Reach out with the Gospel in Love

This interesting book helps us understand the Mormon belief and perspective, and helps us learn the best way to reach out with the gospel in love. 

Invaluable Witnessing Resource

One of the things I found to be the most striking about this book is its caring, loving tone—it is obviously written by those who care deeply about Mormons and want to see them hear and embrace the true gospel message that Jesus is our substitute and has done it all for us, making God’s forgiveness full and complete.

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Crossing the Chasm: Helping Mormons Discover the Bridge to God

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What's Inside

In Crossing the Chasm, you'll discover:

How wide the chasm is between God and humanity, but understanding who God is, and who we are in comparison
How God the Father, God the Son and God the Spirit work together to provide us with everything we need to cross the chasm
The purpose and opportunity God gives every believer to reach the lost and guide them towards Jesus
How to use the simple truths of the Gospel in love to address the unique uncertainties and baggage that individual Mormons carry
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