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Partnering to Share the Truth in Love with Mormons Worldwide.

Our ministry is 100% supported by gifts from passionate people like you.


Through Your Partnership We Are:

Equipping Christians to share the truth in love with Mormons through books, online courses & digital media.
Reaching Mormons with the truth of God’s love and grace through in-person mission trips and digital channels.
Supporting & mentoring those with Mormon family and friends, and those actively witnessing to Mormons.

"Through the book you shared with me, God—The Ultimate Humanitarian, I have experienced the real miracle of forgiveness."

Tonya, Ex-Mormon

More Ways to Get Involved

Prayer Partners

Encourage others through prayer—join our weekly prayer partners email to lift others up before God's throne of grace.

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Mission Partners

Adopt our ministry as a mission partner through your church or school.

“This group took us out of a lonely experience into a community of authenticity and prayer.”

Diana, Prayer Partner

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