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Mission Trips

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June 4-10, 2023
Logan, Utah

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Mission Trips to LDS Communities

Our in-person mission trips are designed to equip you with the training you need to share your faith in areas that are heavily LDS.

The locations we choose are majority Mormon, ensuring many opportunities to share Jesus' love with the lost.
You'll receive thorough, in-person training to equip you to get into meaningful spiritual conversations at the door.
You'll personally discover God's promise that he gives you the words to say.
You'll meet other Christians from across the country who share your love and passion for reaching the lost.

“I never thought I could do something like this. Now, I’m looking forward to additional opportunities to share my faith.”

Megan, Utah Mission Trip Participant


2023 Mission Trip Opportunities

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2022 Utah Mission Trip Review


Gospel Seeds Planted


Extended Witnessing Conversations

At the Door Reflections


Challenging Mormon Assumptions


Michael’s Story: Don’t Prejudge

This week was a climb. It was hard but once you got to the top, it was well worth the journey to see how God works in wonderful ways.

David, High School Student

My mom was raised LDS and I know her story. Just based on that, I know how much it means to these people—the message. Even if we're just a piece in the middle of these people's stories, it will help them along the way. This week helped me be able to define my faith better to others.


I'm not the most outgoing person. This was way out of my comfort zone. But after doing it for a week, I don't hesitate. It's just such a joy to talk to people and share your faith.


Join us for the Adventure of a Lifetime!

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June 4-10, 2023
Logan, Utah

School Groups

School group leaders can reserve spots for your entire school group for our 2023 Utah Mission Trip.

Note: All students must still complete an individual application.

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