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To Our LDS Friends

Why a ministry to LDS?

We believe those in the LDS Church lack what is needed to live eternally with Heavenly Father.

Many are quite surprised to learn that there are dramatic differences between the teachings of the LDS Church and the Bible. Contrary to what many assume, these differences actually have eternal consequences. It is love that prompts us to compare the teachings of Mormonism with the Bible.

We sincerely believe that the most loving thing we can do for you is to express our grave concerns that the teachings of Mormonism are not only leading you on a path away from God, but on a path leading you to outer darkness.

Our Invitation

We ask you to not just take our word for it, but take God at His Word. We invite you to read the Bible as if reading it for the first time through the eyes of a child. Let God clearly speak to your heart.

Consider its beautiful good news message. Jesus was born for you. He lived perfectly for you. He died for you. He rose for you. He intercedes for you. He will return for you. Jesus is your perfect substitute. There is nothing more for you to add. Jesus is enough!

Those who trust only in the perfect work of Jesus:

  • Are enough in God's sight right now.
  • Are forgiven of all their sins right now.
  • Are perfect in Christ right now.
  • Will live eternally with Heaven Father forever!

"You that believe on the name of the Son of God know that ye have eternal life" (1 John 5:13).

This is a transformational message!

Is it your desire to be with Heavenly Father in heaven? Would you like to know what Jesus says so that you can receive full assurance and confidence of his promises? That is the Good News of Jesus Christ we desire you to know. More importantly, it is a message God wants you to know.

Please take a moment to visit to hear what God says about forgiveness, becoming worthy, Jesus, eternal life, sin, perfection and more. We've written every article on just for you.

Where are you placing your hope?

Your job, your family or your good works? Heavenly Father has a better plan for you.

Why We Use "Mormon"

We sincerely love and respect you. This is why we still use the term "Mormon." 

By Jesus' perfect work as your substitute, you are rescued!

Is Perfection Even Possible?

Did Jesus really overcome sin and death for us? What does that mean? How can we be sure of our worthiness?

Frequently Asked Questions

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