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Mormonism uses it in at least three different ways. 

1) Not a place of eternal punishment but the temporary state of suffering wicked spirits experience in spirit prison before Judgment Day. “That part of the spirit world inhabited by wicked spirits who are awaiting the eventual day of their resurrection is called hell. … Hell will have an end” (D&C Student Manual, p. 165).

2) The regret the inhabitants of the lower kingdoms of heaven will experience as they see the glories of the celestial kingdom. “Of course, those who enter the telestial kingdom, and those who enter the terrestrial kingdom will have the eternal punishment which will come to them in knowing that they might, if they had kept the commandments of the Lord, have returned to his presence as his sons and his daughters. This will be a torment to them, and in that sense it will be hell” (Life and Teachings of Jesus & his Apostles Course Manual, p. 66).

3) As a synonym for outer darkness where the devil, the demons, and the sons of perdition will dwell. There will only be a handful of persons who qualify as a son of perdition. It is a place of eternal torment and punishment.

Biblical Christianity teaches that hell is eternal punishment. It is for everybody who does not trust in Jesus’ saving works.

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