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Bridge Builders

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Bridge Builders commit to ongoing monthly, quarterly or annual financial support.

How could your gift make an impact?

Become a Bridge Builder

Join our team of caring, mission-minded supporters who make a recurring gift to Truth in Love Ministry. Your ongoing support impacts various people throughout the year:

Victims of Mormonism

These people desperately want a relationship with God, but often don’t believe they’re good enough to be loved. You are helping them to see God’s love is already theirs in Jesus.

Loved ones of Mormons

Family members need support as they witness in high-risk relationships. You guide them on varied ways to share the message of God’s love with patience and love.

Christians who want to witness

Many want to witness, but they don’t know where to start. You are giving them courage and confidence to share their faith with ANYONE.

“Our Prayer is that all mormons will come to know the real Jesus."



How can your recurring gift make an impact?



Help us put practical witnessing resources into the hands of mission-minded Christian witnesses.



Enable our team to provide personal mentoring to a Christian witnessing to a Mormon family member or friend.



Help searching LDS members discover God’s love through online resources and personal guidance.



Fund a digital campaign to reach an LDS community with more than 150,000 gospel messages online.

Bridge Builders,

In Appreciation for your Ongoing support, you'll receive:

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A special gift and letter welcoming you to the Bridge Builder community.

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Access to exclusive videos sharing stories of the lives you’re impacting.

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Special updates on ministry activity and progress towards our goals.

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A surprise end-of-the-year souvenir and review of the impact of your gift.

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For Advocates & Messengers

A personal call from pastoral staff on a day of your choice.

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