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Equip Conversations

Webinar-style presentations featuring interviews with staff members, ex-Mormons and Christian witnesses.

Equip Conversations are held monthly on the second Tuesday from 6 - 7:30 PM, Mountain Time.

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Encourage Conversations

Small group-style online meetings where Christian witnesses can mutually encourage one another with stories, suggestions, struggles, prayer requests and more. Each conversation will start with a devotion and then open to the group for sharing.

Encourage Conversations are held monthly on the third Tuesday at 1:30 and 6 PM, Mountain Time.

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Cari Osborne

Cari Osborne is a fifth-generation Mormon with a strong pioneer heritage going back to the origins of the religion. Her grandmother, a dedicated genealogist, traced their lineage to Joseph Smith himself (her fifth cousin five times removed). She is also a direct descendent of Edmund Ellsworth, Captain of the first handcart company, and son-in-law to Brigham Young.

She and her husband Anthony were married in the Salt Lake City temple in 2000; they have five children. For 18 years, they faithfully served in the LDS church. Cari held leadership positions in all the organizations available to women, including serving in the Relief Society, Young Women, and Primary presidencies. Her husband served as a full-time missionary, Bishop, High Councilor, and Stake Young Men’s President.

Despite her zealousness for and dedication to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Cari had several encounters that caused her to examine her religion more closely. She began a personal quest to prove the truthfulness of the LDS Church through the Bible, which led to saving faith in Jesus Christ.

In 2018 while living in Japan, Cari left the LDS church and was baptized as a Christian the following year. Her husband left the LDS church a year later, and recently their entire family had their names removed from the official records of the church. This summer, the Osborne family moved back to the United States (Georgia) and are excited to see where God leads them next in their journey.


Tuesday, September 14
6 PM, Mountain Time

Cari Osborne

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