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Our Witnessing Approach

How to Speak the Truth in Love to Mormons

Our time-tested witnessing approach addresses the unique challenges and opportunities Christians face when witnessing to Mormons.

The Barriers We Build

In our efforts to witness, we can sometimes create unnecessary barriers. Some examples we have encountered:


Unwillingness to call Mormon missionaries elders.


Insisting on using another Bible translation besides the KJV


Speaking disparagingly of things Mormons hold sacred (i.e. their sacred undergarments).

And some barriers can even be created unintentionally when Christians fail to recognize the unique definitions Mormonism has given many biblical words. Failing to recognize this quickly leads to frustration, and even suspicion, as both parties end up talking past each other.

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Build Bridges Instead

While staying alert to these pitfalls, we want to focus on things which will strengthen our relationships with Mormons.

Our approach is relational; not confrontational. And because we have taken the time to build the relationship, when we do get into serious discussions about the most important topic of all – that Jesus has already done everything for us, they listen.

After many years of sharing Christ with Mormons, and training many others to do the same, we have identified five key components to our approach. They are the five pillars on which we build bridges to Mormons.

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Pillar #1

See Mormons as victims, not as enemies.

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Pillar #2

Treat Mormons with genuine love and respect.

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Pillar #3

Focus on Mormon Stress Points.

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Pillar #4

Speak the Mormon Language.

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Pillar #5

Witness Christ Rather Than Debate Mormonism.


See Our Approach in Action

We have a unique website, specifically designed to proclaim Christ to those in Mormonism.

Be Ye Perfect shares the wonderful news of freedom in Christ, while addressing common stress points, frequently asked questions, sharing stories of redemption, forgiveness and healing, and providing Scripture studies and other resources.

Use this site as tool for building a bridge to the gospel with your friends and loved ones.


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