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Speaking the Truth in Love to Mormons

"A Practical, Insightful + Compassionate Approach"

Speaking the Truth in Love to Mormons places the gospel of Jesus Christ at the center of discussion in witnessing. It has been transformational in helping many Christians better understand Mormons and how best to reach them.

What's Inside

Part One explores Mormon theology, culture and the stress points Mormons face.

Learn the main goal of Mormonism
Understand Mormonism's Plan of Salvation
Discover their sources of authority, their culture and the burdens Mormonism places on individual Mormons

Part Two details Truth in Love Ministry's unique approach to witnessing to Mormons.

Be encouraged by the Power of God's Word
Learn the most important Biblical topics to cover in your witnessing conversations with Mormons

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What Others Are Saying

Best Book on Mormonism Yet

Pastor Cares does a great job of pointing out the stress points in Mormonism. I was born and raised in a strong LDS family and spent 30 years striving to be "worthy enough." I love the author's approach of witnessing to LDS. I came to faith when a neighbor came to me, in love, and led me to the wonderful news of God's forgiveness as shown in the Bible.

Law & Gospel Approach—Not Just for Mormons

Overall, this book can give you the confidence to speak to and understand members of the LDS church in their own language. The witnessing techniques apply to everyone—not just Mormons!

This Changed My Way of Thinking Towards Mormons

After reading this book, I view Mormons in a different light. His book helped me realize that they need to be told the truth. His book gives you insights on their beliefs and witnessing helps. The book is written in a loving, Christ-like way. A must-have for every witnessing library.

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