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Dictionary of Mormonese


Mormons refer to themselves as being Christian. The LDS Church will refer to itself as a denomination within Christianity. Their primary reason for being considered a Christian is that they claim to place Jesus Christ at the center of their theology and the need to follow His commandments. The LDS Church claims to be the only true Christian church since the current Christian church does not have the “fullness of the gospel.” Mormons believe the LDS Church has the complete teachings from God due to Joseph Smith’s restoration of the gospel.

Biblical Christianity teaches that the Bible equates Christians with believers. (Acts 11:26) A proper biblical definition of a Christian is one who has already received the status of being reconciled with God. A Christian trusts or believes in Christ’s righteousness and by faith alone is already perfect, worthy, and righteous. This status separates a Christian from any others who rely on any works on their part to be justified before God.

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