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God—The Ultimate Humanitarian

God is greater than anything we can imagine.

God—The Ultimate Humanitarian explores God's amazing love for humanity. Through 20 brief chapters, it considers 20 different facets of this love. It convincingly shows that God is the ultimate humanitarian.

What Others Are Saying

I had thoughts to just give up on Jesus altogether

I'm afraid that without reading God—The Ultimate Humanitarian, I would have spun into the black hole so many other ex-Mormons find themselves.

— Donna, Ex-Mormon

I couldn't put it down!

I thought the book might be a dry doctrinal book, but once I started, I couldn’t put it down! The author simplifies and clarifies the fundamental Biblical truths by giving concrete examples and vivid imagery in a conversational style.

— Ruth

Mini Bible Information Course

I’ve never read a book that has taken the most critical aspects of the Christian faith and made them so accessible to a wide audience.

What's Inside

Chapter One: A Humanitarian from the Beginning
Chapter Two: A Humanitarian in the Face of Rebellion
Chapter Three: A Humanitarian to an Evil World
Chapter Four: A Humanitarian by Making a Wonderful Covenant
Chapter Five: A Humanitarian by Giving the Law
Chapter Six: A Humanitarian at the Temple
Chapter Seven: A Humanitarian by Giving Mediators
Chapter Eight: A Humanitarian by Becoming Man
Chapter Nine: A Humanitarian by Living for Us
Chapter Ten: A Humanitarian by Dying for Us
Chapter Eleven: A Humanitarian by Giving Us the Proof of Christ's Resurrection
Chapter Twelve: A Humanitarian by Giving Us a Wonderful Status
Chapter Thirteen: A Humanitarian by Giving Us Saving Faith
Chapter Fourteen: A Humanitarian by by Giving Us the Gospel
Chapter Fifteen: A Humanitarian by Giving Us Baptism
Chapter Sixteen: A Humanitarian by Giving Us His Supper
Chapter Seventeen: A Humanitarian by Giving Us Prayer
Chapter Eighteen: A Humanitarian by Giving Us a Wonderful Life Here and Now
Chapter Nineteen: A Humanitarian by Giving Us a Spectacular Eternity
Chapter Twenty: A Humanitarian by Giving Us a Perfect Revelation

Witnessing Pack

Share the Truth of God's Character with Mormons

God—The Ultimate Humanitarian was carefully and intentionally written to share the truth about God's character with Mormons, using terms and language familiar to them. This book makes a great resource for chapter-by-chapter discussion with your Mormon friends and family members.

Order a book for yourself, and we'll send along a free copy to share with a friend when you request our Witnessing Pack.

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