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Build Bridges Not Barriers

Have you ever tried to debate Mormonism?

Over 35 years of practice and countless conversations, we've found that debating Mormonism with a Mormon isn't very productive. It actually burns a lot of bridges.

Yet many Mormons are still longing to hear the truth about God's infinite grace.

Are you ready to become a better witness?

We have developed a distinctive, biblical approach to address the unique challenges – and opportunities – of witnessing to Mormons. We call this approach:

Build Bridges Not Barriers

5 Simple, Time-Tested Pillars

You'll learn our five simple, time-tested pillars to address the unique challenges and opportunities Christians may face when witnessing to Mormons.

Pillar #1

See Mormons as victims, not as enemies.

Pillar #2

Treat Mormons with genuine love and respect.

Pillar #3

Focus on Mormon Stress Points.

Pillar #4

Speak the Mormon Language.

Pillar #5

Witness Christ Rather Than Debate Mormonism.

"As a former Mormon, I distinctly remember being taught as child that my being a child of God depended on my acting like one."

Dari, Build Bridges Not Barriers Course Participant & Former Member of LDS church

Your Journey Starts Here

We’ve created a video-based online training course that will help you learn and practice our unique, relationship-based approach to witnessing Christ in truth and love.

10 Video Lessons

10 comprehensive lessons that dive deep into our 5, field-tested pillars for witnessing to Mormons.

Real-Life Examples

Hear real-life examples and stories from people like you who have put our pillars into action.

Practical Application

Receive easy-to-implement questions, topics and tips to incorporate into your next conversation.

Downloadable Resources

Access free study guides and helpful tools to direct your next interaction.

Learn From Anywhere

Learn on the go or at home, our course is available online, anytime.

Community Support

Join an online community of people who are putting these pillars into practice.

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Our Experience

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Course Outline

Our 10-lesson outline provides both the simple truths of our five pillars, as well as the detail you need to feel equipped for your next conversation. Learn more about what's covered in each lesson below.

Lesson 1


Build Bridges Not Barriers

  • Learn two common mistakes in witnessing.
  • Discuss key differences in Mormonism.
  • Understand the importance of breaking down barriers before building relationships.

Lesson 2

Build on Bedrock

  • Understand the truths Christians should be firmly grounded on before witnessing to Mormons.
  • Discover how you might view yourself in Christ - and what the Bible says about it.

Lesson 3

See Mormons as Victims, Not Enemies

  • Learn about the pressure Mormonism puts on its members.
  • Hear what the Bible really teaches about unbelievers.

Lesson 4

Treat Mormons with Genuine Love & Respect

  • Learn the terms Mormons would prefer you use when speaking about them.
  • Discover the tactics that have proven successful in thousands of witnessing conversations.
  • Hear the three keys to good listening.

Lesson 5

Focus on Mormon Stress Points

  • Hear examples of the "toxic perfectionism" of Mormonism
  • Discover why we call Mormonism a "grace plus" religion

Lesson 6

A Look at Common Stress Points

  • Hear some of the most common stress points Mormons face.
  • Learn how concepts like agency, worthiness and forgiveness cause stress for Mormons.

Lesson 7

Speak Their Language

  • Discover "Mormonese" and why language can be a barrier in our witnessing
  • Learn what to emphasize in speaking to Mormons.

Lesson 8

Witness Christ, Don't Debate Mormonism - Part 1

  • Learn what to focus on when sharing your faith with Mormons.
  • Discover how you can prepare Mormons for the gospel.

Lesson 9

Witness Christ Rather Than Debate Mormonism - Part 2

  • Hear why "for us" is a crucial phrase in witnessing to Mormons.
  • Learn the importance of feelings to Mormons.

Lesson 10

The Importance of Walking on the Bridge

  • Discover the best place to begin in witnessing.
  • Get a glimpse into the life of a Mormon missionary.
  • Learn what to do next!

"What a blessing these lessons have been! I have been meeting on a regular basis with a Mormon friend and will again this Saturday.

I have modified my approach to sharing Christ with him."

Mario, Course Participant


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