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The KJV translation of the name Elijah in the New Testament. Mormons, however, don’t equate Elias with Elijah. Instead they surround this name with a confusing set of teachings. At times they speak of Elias as a separate individual, other times as a title for a forerunner, and still other times they identify him with Noah. The following quote illustrates their confusion:

“The term Elias means forerunner. Noah, Elijah, John the Baptist and John the Revelator have been referred to as Elias in scripture, though the references to Elijah by this name are mistranslated. Summarizing the facts—Joseph Smith revealed that Gabriel was Noah; Luke declared that it was the angel Gabriel who appeared to Zacharias and Mary; and the Lord has declared that Elias appeared to Zacharias and Joseph Smith. Therefore, Elias is Noah” (Old Testament: Genesis—2 Samuel, Student Manual, p. 54).

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