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Start Here

Imagine if being saved depended on you.

You would try your best, but could never know if you had done enough. You would never know where you stood with God or be sure of your worthiness.

That's what Mormons are taught.

“There was always a feeling that God was angry with me."

Hayley, ex-LDS


You can share your faith. With Boldness. With Love. With Mormons.

Step 1

Understand Mormonism

Explore the drastic differences between the teachings of Mormonism and the Bible.

Step 2

Discover Our Approach

Learn our five simple principles that address the unique challenges and opportunities of witnessing to Mormons.

Step 3

Start Witnessing!

Discover how our ministry helps equip and empower Christians to proclaim Christ to Mormons.

Are you a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints?

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