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Michael was homeless. His weathered face and slumped posture reflected the heavy burdens he was carrying. There was pain in his eyes.

Michael has struggled with addictions. He's trying to give up tobacco. As a Mormon, he knows that if the bishop smells smoke on his clothes, he won't get a temple recommend.

Michael believes acceptance by God depends on first being accepted by the gatekeepers of his church.

Kicking his habit doesn't look promising, so he figures he will continue to be rejected by his neighbors, his church, and God.

“God could never love a person like me.”

- Michael


We challenged his last assumption.

God doesn't demand that we clean up our act, fit into a certain mold or gain the approval of others to experience his love. In Jesus, we already have it.

Michael fought back tears. The gospel message moved him profoundly. That evening Michael returned to the storage unit where he lives. He knelt and prayed, "God help me to believe I am loved just as you promise!"

Will you help reach more hurting souls like Michael?

Your gift will seize new opportunities God is providing to reach many more. You can help them discover, in Jesus, they are never outside of God's love. Please give today.

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