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Our ministry is 100% supported by gifts from people like you.

Will you connect souls with their Father?

Shane just finished doing his required work at the LDS temple. Two of our missionaries asked if a true father would only love you based on the work you did. Shane responded, "Works have to count for something. Faith without works is dead."

They studied James 2 together. Shane learned that faith in Jesus comes first. Works follow as a thankful response. Shane wondered if, all this time, he was actually following an imposter.

You Shared the Father's no-strings-attached love with Shane!


Will you help more discover God's love in Jesus?

We are preparing for another mission trip this June. Your gift will empower an army of missionaries to share the light in some of the darkest places. Thanks to some generous friends, a match of $15,000 has been offered. Give before March 31 and the impact of your gift can be doubled!

Picture the moment when searching souls wonder and marvel at the unconditional love found in our true Heavenly Father. Give today to share that message with many more!

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