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Maggie met Brad on a Christian dating site. Over time, they grew close. Brad proposed. Maggie accepted.

Then she discovered he was Mormon.

Maggie's pastor shared his concerns and directed her to Truth in Love Ministry. The more she learned about the differences, the more distressed she became.

Her heart was deeply conflicted between romantic love and God's perfect love. After counseling with a mentor, Maggie realized what she and Brad needed most.

She gave back the ring.

"As much as I love you, you need to know God's love even more."

- Maggie


She invited Brad to begin attending Bible study with her. He accepted.

Through Bible study, Maggie is growing in her appreciation of Jesus' love. His grace is healing her aching heart. Now she's helping Brad discover a whole new love.

Your support is critical.

We are receiving an unprecedented number of contacts like Maggie. Some souls are conflicted by competing loves. Others want to reach Mormon family or friends who don't know God's unconditional love. In every case, they urgently need the support of friends like you who will provide mentors to walk with them.

You can help Maggie and many others like her focus on true love in Jesus. Give today.

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