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Our ministry is 100% supported by gifts from people like you.

Imagine discovering everything you were taught is a lie.

Jayson kept placing his doubts on a metaphorical shelf. Eventually, so many things piled up that his shelf broke. Now everything has come crashing down.

Jayson looks back at his time in Mormonism filled with regret and shame. He looks ahead with fear.

"Is it possible to know God and be loved by him?"

- Jayson

Will you share God's love with searching souls?

Jayson is not alone. There is a mass exodus of searching souls leaving Mormonism. Tragically, they don't know where to turn and as many as 70% become athiest.

You can change that! Through a new extension of ministry, Jesus is Enough, you can give these searching souls a place to turn and impact hundreds of thousands for heaven.

Imagine Jayson hearing about the journey of others who have left Mormonism and discovered biblical Christianity. Here he can find support and learn he's not alone. More importantly, you can answer Jayson's question with a resounding "Yes! Jesus is enough." Give today to reach searching souls with God's love in Jesus!

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