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"How would you summarize what you believe in 30 seconds?"

Rebecca led a youth team on a recent mission trip. It had a profound impact on all involved. One blessing came by surprise.

"Sharing our faith gave us time to dive into what we truly believe."

When you're asked questions, it forces you to go back to the Bible and stand on God's promises in a whole new way. You encounter lost souls who are desperate for hope. These young people now appreciate their faith like never before.

“I now realize how hungry people are for the gospel!”

- Rebecca


One of the best ways to grow in your faith is to share it!

These mission trip experiences instill urgency to reach the lost. It is not uncommon for conversations at the door to go well beyond an hour. This experience has helped many young people become bold missionaries wherever they go.

We can't seize these opportunities without you.

A growing number of churches in Mormon communities are asking for help. More young people want to participate on these mission trips than ever before. Give today to empower the next generation of Christian witnesses!

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