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"They have no hope."

Vicki just lost her grandson to suicide. She lost her granddaughter, his sister, in a murder-suicide last year. Now five great-grandchildren are missing parents.

In 2021, Mental Health America listed Utah as the worst state for the prevalence of mental illness and suicidal ideation. It also has the highest percentage of Mormons. The correlation is undeniable.

"Will you help me reach my Great-Grandchildren?"

- Vicki


He called us "out of darkness into his marvelous light" (1 Peter 2:9).

"We're all reeling and it's hard to know what to say." These five young children need your help. This is a critical moment and they are desperate for hope. Unless they break out, they, too, will grow up on the hopeless darkness of Mormonism.

Will you help Vicki reach her great-grandchildren? Your gift will provide her with a mentor to discuss different ways to witness. You can also give her materials she can share. Through Vicki's voice, you can shatter the darkness with the light!

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