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Gain on-demand access to our growing library of witnessing resources to help you in preparing for your next witnessing conversation.


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Educational videos, witnessing tips and more.


Guides & Downloads

Practical tools and Bible study resources to help you witness.


Group Leader Resources

Guides and materials to help you lead a small group through our courses.


What's Included

Inside your resource library, you'll find on-demand, digital access to all of our witnessing resources, including:

5 Mistakes Christians Make When Witnessing to Mormons Video Series
Witnessing Conversation Guide PDF
Witnessing Scenario Library
7 Ways to Witness When the World is Socially Distant PDF
31 Days of Devotional Prayers PDF
Dictionary of Mormonese PDF
Sharing God's Word with Mormons PDF
Prepared to Share PDF
Course Study Guides, Workbooks and Bonus Resources
Group Leader Resources

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