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Dictionary of Mormonese


Mormons regard him in the following ways:

  1. As the first spirit child of Heavenly Father.
  2. As Jehovah.
  3. As the only begotten Son. They believe he is the only child Heavenly Father physically begat. Also see: Only Begotten Son.
  4. As the Savior. Not a Savior who did everything for mankind but rather one who:
  • conquered physical death for mankind
  • paid our debt and is patient with us as we pay him back in full
  • served as our example, showing us what we have to do to save ourselves.

Biblical Christianity teaches that Jesus is the Son of God, equal to the Father and the Holy Spirit (John 5:22-23). To rescue us from sin, the Son of God became flesh and lived under the law to satisfy the law in our place. His suffering and death, especially his being forsaken by the Father, served as payment for the world’s sin. His glorious resurrection serves as dramatic proof that the Father accepted his payment. The Bible emphasizes Jesus our substitute, not our example.

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