A Mormon testimony consists of the following: a) Belief in Heavenly Father; b) Belief in Jesus Christ as the literal son of God who carried out the Atonement on their behalf; c) Believe that Joseph Smith is a true prophet of God who brought forth the Restoration; d) Belief that the current president of the LDS Church is a true living prophet of God; and e) the LDS Church is the only true Church on earth.

When troubled or filled with doubt, Mormons will cling or refer to their testimony to receive assurance, power and strength of faith. An LDS member will often give their testimony with deep emotions. These feelings serve to confirm the truthfulness of Mormonism and a “spiritual witness given by the Holy Ghost.” (True to the Faith, p.178)

Mormons are strongly encouraged to obtain a testimony and to nurture and strengthen it throughout their lives. The best ways to strengthen a testimony is by continuous righteous living and by sharing it with others. A “quiet assurance” will come when Mormons continue to strengthen their testimony by serving the LDS Church and exercising their agency to keep the commandments.

Biblical Christianity teaches:
In everyday language, the word “testimony” refers to a customer expressing the virtue of a product or service. A Christian testimony centers squarely on what God has already done for us through Jesus Christ. (1 Cor. 1:31) It expresses faith in the virtue of Christ’s perfect obedience and sacrifice on the cross. From a heart of thanksgiving, Christians endorse God’s Word, as the power and source of their faith, not their testimony.