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Talk About Jesus’ Keeping of the Commandments for Us

Mormonism puts a lot of emphasis on keeping the commandments. It makes keeping the commandments one of the conditions people must meet before they are forgiven. Keeping the commandments will be something they will frequently talk about.

Because of this focus, it is often quite effective to talk about how Jesus kept the commandments perfectly, not just as our example, but as our substitute. We get the credit for his perfect obedience!

This is something, however, many Christians aren’t very familiar with because it is not often mentioned in many Christian churches. The Bible, however, talks about it. It is why Jesus had to be born under the law (Galatians 4:4–5). It is why he is called the Lord, Our Righteousness (Jeremiah 23:6). His perfect law-keeping is what his robe of righteousness (Isaiah 61:10) consists of. As one person said: “He came to love us and to love for us.” Another wrote: “He saved us not only by dying but by doing.”

One effective way we have found to explain this is the heart test in the witnessing scenarios (VIDEO: The Hearts Test). There are other ways as well.

The important point is to respond with Jesus’ perfect obedience for us whenever they talk about the importance of keeping the commandments. Counter their “do” of keeping the commandments with Jesus’ perfect “done.”

As you do this, don’t forget to make it personal. Talk about the tremendous confidence and assurance you have right now because you are covered with Christ’s robe of righteousness—Heavenly Father sees you as perfect and worthy to be in his presence for all eternity.

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Suggests counteracting Mormonism’s “do” with the “done” not only of Jesus’ death but also of his perfect life for us.

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