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Witnessing Christ from the Old Testament: An Introduction

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints encourages its members to study the Old Testament for a year as part of its “Come Follow Me” curriculum. This emphasis on the Bible creates many opportunities for Christians to witness using the Old Testament.

We see this as a unique opportunity to proclaim Christ to Mormons.

To help equip you as you witness to the LDS in your lives, our team will be producing a Witnessing Christ from the Old Testament series, found right here, each week, in our Witnessing Scenarios. This offering will provide:

  • An introductory overview of the content and central LDS and biblical themes
  • A brief commentary with summary and contextualization of the Biblical content being covered
  • Conversation starters you can use to move your discussion to the core Biblical teaching
  • A Sharing Personally example of how you can provide a law and gospel message, to use in conversations, an email or social media post
  • Additional resources with links to more thematic content and witnessing insights
  • A comments section that will allow you to share your insights and questions

While the content will be created to line-up with the 2022 LDS annual reading plan, we know that Christians like you can use this material anytime, anywhere to share the truth in love with anyone!

Scenario Summary

Resources to help you proclaim Christ to Mormons through Old Testament stories and teachings.

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