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Dictionary of "Mormonese"

A Brief Reference Guide to Common Terms of the LDS Church

One of the major difficulties in witnessing to Mormons is that they speak a unique language. Not only have they coined numerous words and expressions which are unique to Mormonism; they have also given unique definitions to biblical words. At first-glance, the differences might appear subtle. But they aren’t. They are drastic—and deadly.

We call this language “Mormonese.” It is important for you to know, not only to understand Mormonism, but also so you can clearly speak the truth in love to them.

This short dictionary of Mormonism will help you understand “Mormonese”. It focuses not only on words which are common in their usage but also on ones which are helpful in speaking God’s truth to them. The definitions are intentionally brief and meant to be user-friendly. Quotes and references come from well-known LDS sources. For many of the words, we have also included a brief Christian definition.

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Dictionary of "Mormonese"

Stop talking past each other. Gain a better understanding of the words that are unique to Mormonism and the differences of shared terms between Mormonism and Christianity.

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