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What Happens in a Mormon Temple?

Mormon temples are different from their churches or stake houses.


Anybody can go to their church, but temples are restricted to those who are worthy to enter. A Mormon’s worthiness is determined in interviews with local leadership. Many observers estimate that less than 50% of Mormons are temple-worthy.

Neither do they conduct what we would consider worship services in the temples. Instead, they participate in three main ordinances:

  • the endowment ceremony
  • sealings or eternal marriages
  • baptisms for the dead


But they don’t just perform baptisms for the dead. They also do endowments and eternal marriages for the deceased. So much so that the vast majority of “temple work” is performed for the dead.

During the endowment ceremony, they receive their sacred undergarments and learn the “signs and tokens” they will need to show Heavenly Father in order to enter the celestial kingdom.

Being married for eternity is essential to their attaining exaltation or godhood. It is necessary because the essence of godhood in Mormonism is having an eternal family.

Baptisms for the dead are often performed by teens. It serves as their introduction to the temple and whets their appetite for participation in the other temple ordinances.


Article Summary

Mormon temples are different from their churches or stake houses. Only worthy Mormons are allowed to enter. Here they conduct ordinances that are necessary for exaltation.

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2 thoughts on “What Happens in a Mormon Temple?”

  1. Thanks for the question.

    According to LDS church policy, resignation from church membership results in temple blessings (for example, sealings) being withdrawn. This is why the LDS church commonly emphasizes enduring to the end.

    Tragically, anyone who holds on to the teachings of Mormonism will not enter heaven.

    There is no marriage in heaven (Matthew 22:30). Christian witnesses can instead point to the biblical picture of Christ as the bridegroom and the Church as his bride. In heaven, we will fully know and experience God’s unconditional love.

  2. When a couple is married in the Temple and sealed together forever, then leave the church and divorce, are they still sealed together in heaven?

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