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Why don’t Mormons use crosses?

Mormon churches do not have any crosses, either outside or inside. Mormons do not wear cross necklaces or display it in their homes. They say they don’t use it because it is a symbol of his death.


Interestingly, “the only members of the Church who wear the symbol of the cross are Latter-day Saint chaplains, who wear it on their military uniforms to show that they are Christian chaplains” (True to the Faith, p. 46). This is a fact Christian military personal should be aware of so there are no misunderstandings when they look for a Christian chaplain.

A common practice for those who leave Mormonism and discover biblical Christianity is to wear a cross. They find beauty in the cross because now they understand grace.


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How do Mormons approach the common symbol of the Christian church, the cross?

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2 thoughts on “Why don’t Mormons use crosses?”

  1. The bible teaches that a married man and his wife is not considered by God to be two fleshes but one flesh. Would this mean that if the man became saved that his wife would also be considered as saved otherwise the man would be only half saved?

    1. The Truth in Love Ministry Team

      In marriage, the “two will become one” in many ways, but not in the most important way. If one spouse comes to saving faith and the other does not, he or she will need to face the fact that the unbelieving spouse will spend eternity in a different place, unless the Holy Spirit changes the spouse’s heart.

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