The Devastating Shock of Being on the Wrong Road


Even with GPS, people sometimes find themselves on a road that doesn’t get them to their destination. This has happened to me more than once, but one incident stands out. A couple of us were going to an extremely important appointment. It had literally taken years to set up. We followed our GPS and everything was fine until we got to the gated entrance of our destination. It was closed for construction with nobody in sight. We turned around and tried to have the GPS find a new entrance but to no avail. Each and every time it maddeningly directed us back to the closed entrance. After driving around for a little while, we finally had to call the person we were meeting to ask for his help. Talk about a good first impression!

Fortunately, the man was very gracious and we had a productive meeting. To this day, however, I can remember the shock and panic I felt when I saw the closed entrance.

Now think of the shock and panic people will experience when they realize they are on the wrong road to heaven! I suffered no lasting consequences because of that closed entrance. But being on the wrong road to heaven results in terrible eternal consequences. It truly is the difference between life and death – eternal life and death.

All these thoughts flashed through my head as I read the following sentence in the latest “First Presidency Message” from the LDS Church.  “Loving God and our fellowmen, keeping God’s commandments, and following Christ’s example are the straight, narrow, and joyful path back into the presence of our heavenly parents.”  I’m sure the phrase, “heavenly parents” caught your eye. But what caught my attention was his description of the path to heaven.

It’s all about their loving, their keeping, their following. There’s no mention of believing or trusting in what Jesus has done for them.

What we do is NOT what the road to heaven is all about. That road leads directly to the eternal punishment of hell.

But Mormons don’t know that! They sincerely believe they are on the right road. Imagine the shock they will experience when they die and see their road detouring down to hell.

I would have been saved some moments of panic and embarrassment if there would have been a person posted at the closed gate telling us where the other gate was. But when it comes to the road to heaven, it is too late to warn people when they are standing at the pearly gates. They need to be told right now!

Look around. Who needs to know that Jesus is the Road to heaven? Identify them. And then tell them. Before it is too late.