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What does Christianity teach about repentance?

The Bible teaches that repentance is a change of mind and heart that indicates regret for all sins and turns toward trust in Jesus and his offer of forgiveness.

In repentance and rest is your salvation

Isaiah 30:15

What does Mormonism teach about repentance?

In Mormonism, repentance is a series of steps Mormons must take, including feeling sorry for the sin, never committing the sin again, making restitution for the sin, enduring any punishment for the sin, keeping all of God’s commands and forgiving anyone who sins against you.

It is not enough to simply try to resist evil or empty your life of sin. You must fill your life with righteousness and engage in activities that bring spiritual power.

Spencer W. Kimball, Quoted in Sharing the Gospel Course Manual




A change of mind and heart away from sin and towards trust in Jesus and his offer of forgiveness.



Completion of all of the steps of repentance.

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