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Speaking the Truth in Love to Mormons - Book

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Some Christians try to debate Mormons on topics like God’s nature or the history or Mormonism. Speaking the Truth in Love to Mormons places the gospel of Jesus Christ at the center of discussion in witnessing. It has been transformational in helping many Christians better understand Mormons and how best to reach them.

Part One explores Mormon theology, culture and the stress points Mormons face. Part Two details our unique approach to witnessing, focusing on speaking God's Word to them in their own language rather than debating Mormon history or beliefs. Speaking the Truth in Love to Mormons also includes a 40-page "Dictionary of Mormonese."

What Others Are Saying

This changed my way of thinking about Mormons. — Reader
A must-have for all Christians. Amazon Customer
Best book ever written to reach a Mormon. Sam W.
A practical, insightful & compassionate approach. Reader
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