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Please Open the Door

is Now Part of Witness in Love

Our new program walks you through the basics of preparing to witness to LDS missionaries and answers many frequently asked questions our Christian witnesses have had over the years.

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You can use your existing username and password to access the new Please Open the Door program.


You can use the original email address and password you set-up when registering on Please Open the Door to access the new Please Open the Door program on this website.


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Our Proven Program

Please Open the Door has helped Christians in more than 15 countries witness to Mormon missionaries. Our new program addresses the feedback our Christian witnesses have shared with us, as well as the ongoing changes in the LDS Church.

Step-by-Step Outlines

A simple, step-by-step program that provides participants with clear goals and talking points for each visit.

Witnessing Scenarios

Access witnessing scenarios and Biblical passage illustrations that help you communicate the truth in love to Mormon missionaries in a context they can understand.

Ongoing Support

Connect with an experienced mentor who will help you every step of the way.

NEW! Witnessing Handbook

Now Available: A free, witnessing handbook to help you prepare for each visit.

Prepare From Anywhere

Prepare for witnessing at home or on the go. Our resources are available online, anytime.

Community Support

Receive encouragement and support from our online community of people who are putting our programs into practice.

By the Numbers



Articles, illustrations, passages and resources to help guide your witnessing journey.
More Than


Christians Participating in Please Open the Door


Gospel seeds planted because of Please Open the Door conversations

Program Details

Our program walks you through the basics of preparing to witness to LDS missionaries, clearly outlines the first three visits, and answers many frequently asked questions our Christian witnesses have had over the years.

Course Preview

Course Preview

  • Learn more about our relational witnessing approach.
  • Discover the benefits of mentoring.
  • Understand the truth of 2 John 10-11.
  • Explore the difficulties and stresses that LDS missionaries face.
  • Read testimonials from past participants.

Preparing for Witnessing

Preparing for Witnessing

  • Access to supplemental resources to help you communicate with your missionaries.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the importance of feelings to Mormons.
  • Learn how to turn common witnessing obstacles into opportunities.

The First Three Visits

The First Three Visits

  • Learn the best way to request a visit from missionaries.
  • Understand what to expect during the first three visits from your LDS missionaries.

Commentary on LDS Materials

Commentary on LDS Materials

  • Page-by-page explanation of the materials your missionaries will share with you, as well as concepts to discuss and questions to ask.

Witnessing Scenarios

Witnessing Scenarios

  • Gain access to a library of scenarios, illustrations and passage explanations to help you communicate the truth in love to Mormons.



  • Explore answers to commonly asked questions about meeting with missionaries.

Questions + Answers

We're here to help answer those questions.

Log-In Questions

What if I'm registered on both websites?

You can use the username and password you've set-up when registering on

What should I do if I forgot my password?

Use the "Forgot Password" link on the Log-In page. You'll receive an email with a link to reset your password. 

I no longer have access to the email I used to register for Please Open the Door. What should I do?

Contact us and we can update your profile with your new email address.

Is the program still free?

Yes! All of our courses, including the Please Open the Door program, are available free of charge. 

Program Questions

Why witness to Mormon missionaries?

The simple answer is because Mormonism doesn’t lead people back to God. We prefer labeling it this way, rather than saying it is non-Christian, only because there is so much confusion over the definition of “Christian.”

For a more in-depth response to this question, see the article in our Please Open the Door Course Preview here.

I have a Mormon in my life. Should I start with them?

Many people find our ministry because they have a Mormon in their life, or they have a loved one being drawn into Mormonism. We strongly encourage these people to start witnessing to Mormon missionaries because it is a low-risk way to practice sharing the truth in love with Mormons. 

What makes your approach unique?

Over 35 years, we have tried many different approaches to sharing our faith with Mormons - including arguing, debating and debunking. And as a result, we had many discouraging and frustrating conversations. 

Since the Truth in Love approach to witnessing is both biblical and relational - it is often a BREAKTHROUGH for people who wish they could be a better witness. Our approach helps witnesses remove the boxing gloves, allowing conversations that dive deep into the hearts of the people we're trying to reach. 

We consistently find that when Christians receive training in our approach, they inevitably find greater courage and confidence in sharing their faith with anyone.

If you're not already familiar with our Build Bridges Not Barriers approach to witnessing, we strongly encourage you to start with our free video course by the same name. You can find that here. 

What is your statement of faith?

You can learn more about what we believe by clicking here.

Does this approach only work with Mormons?

Our materials are focused on our time-tested approach of witnessing the truth in love to Mormons. They cover the nuances and distinctions that are important to keep in mind when having a faith-centered conversation with a Mormon. 

However, many who have implemented our teachings have inevitably found greater courage and confidence in sharing their faith with anyone.

What Past Participants Are Saying

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