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Booklet Bundle

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This bundle includes:

Dictionary of Mormonese, Sharing God's Word with Mormons and Prepared to Share

These booklets sell for $4.00 each but can be purchased in this bundle for more than a 15% savings.

Dictionary of Mormonese

Speak the Mormon language. This is a condensed version of the dictionary printed in the book, Speaking the Truth in Love to Mormons by Mark J. Cares. The book is a useful tool in understanding the differences between Christianity and Mormonism. This dictionary is an attempt to help the non-Mormon understand “Mormonese.”

Sharing God's Word with Mormons

What Bible verses should you share with Mormons? Because of Mormonism’s unique emphases and language, some Bible passages communicate better than others to Mormons. Over the years, we have identified certain passages and ways to explain them that clearly convey God’s truth to Mormons. This booklet contains some examples from the library of passages on

Prepared to Share: 15 Time-Tested Principles for Witnessing

Have you ever felt unprepared to share your faith? Over the years, we’ve found that the most effective witnessing principles – the ones that best prepare us to share our faith – are both simple and memorable. This booklet explores 15 such concepts. Although the original context was witnessing to Mormons, these principles are general in nature and apply to any witnessing situation.

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