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Vigilant Minds | Calgary, Alberta

September 15, 2023 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Vigilant Minds

Vigilant Minds | Calgary
Calgary, Alberta Canada

September 15, 2023 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

You are invited to join us for a special Truth in Love Ministry presentation, “Behold the Power of the Word,” with Missionary Mark Parsons. 

Mark will provide a brief overview of Truth in Love Ministry’s two-fold mission and their current arms of outreach, Truth in Love Ministry and Be Ye Perfect. Mark will also share valuable resources that empower Christians to proclaim Christ to Mormons and other non-Christians.

Mark will provide valuable resources to equip Christians to share the gospel with Mormons and other non-Christians, including Seven Tips for Witnessing. 

You’ll also hear about Truth in Love Ministry’s new outreach arm, Jesus is Enough. This brand-new initiative focuses on pointing struggling Mormons to Jesus through curated content from ex-Mormon Christian stories and voices. For example, you will hear the inspiring story of Braden, a devout Mormon who came to trust in Christ’s work alone after encountering Christians and the Word of God.

Don’t miss this compelling and informative presentation that will inspire and equip you to share the love of Jesus with Mormons and others who don’t know Jesus. Together, trusting in the power of God’s word, we can proclaim Christ to Mormons and make a real difference in the lives of those crushed under the burden of Mormonism.

CLICK HERE for more information and to register. 

Behold the Power of the Word presentation

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