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Witnessing Christ from the New Testament: Luke 22 and John 18

Episode Summary

In this episode of Witnessing Christ from the New Testament, Mark and Molly discuss Luke 22 and John 18.

This podcast episode covers the following:

  • Luke 22 and John 18
    • Jesus Predicts Peter’s Denial
    • Jesus in Gethsemane
    • Jesus Arrested
    • Peter Denies Jesus
    • Jesus on Trial Before Pilate 

Key concepts in this episode include: 

  • What are we to make of Peter and his denials?
  • Why do Mormons place so much emphasis on the Garden of Gethsemane?
  • What was Jesus claiming when he said, “I am (he)”?
  • In what ways did Jesus serve as a substitute in these chapters?

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Share the Truth in Love

Share this conversation starter with your LDS friend:

Friends, there are times when like you, I mess up—a lot. I stumble, fall short, and let Jesus down. But here’s what blows my mind: Jesus never abandons me in my mess. He extends his loving grace to me, even when I feel I least deserve it.

I can relate so much to Peter’s story. He denied Jesus not just once or twice but three times. And guess what? I’ve denied my Lord in my own ways too. My thoughts, words, and actions often fall short of his perfect standard. But you know what’s incredible? Jesus, in his boundless mercy, never gives up on me. Instead, he seeks me out, forgives me, and restores me.

I find so much comfort and joy in Peter’s story because it reveals the depths of Jesus’ love for us. He doesn’t hold our failures against us. Instead, he embraces us with open arms, offering forgiveness and reconciliation. He conquered sin and death through his death and resurrection, bringing us new life and hope.



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