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God—The Ultimate Humanitarian Study Resources

Walk with one another through the Bible

Are you looking for more ways to cultivate Christ-centered conversations with your Mormon friends?

Our new study resources are for you. 

Originally released as a book designed for Christians to give away and discuss with Mormons, God—The Ultimate Humanitarian is now an online treasure trove of resources. These supplemental materials now include video devotions, written devotions, thought-provoking questions, art and music.

Everything has been designed to help you share the truth in love by studying scripture with your LDS friends and family.

As you journey together through twenty chapters of content, you will share with them the story of how God truly is the Ultimate Humanitarian.


How to Walk Through the Lessons with a Friend

Purchase copies of God—The Ultimate Humanitarian for yourself and your friend.

Sign-up for the free study resources at BeYePerfect.org.


Schedule your study time.

You can study a chapter each week individually then sit down to compare notes and ask questions, or work through everything together.

How Can You Walk Alongside Friends Leaving Mormonism?

These lessons and resources have been designed to share the truth in love to those still entrenched in Mormonism as well as ex-Mormons who are leaving the LDS church.

In this video, we share a few more ways Christians can walk alongside friends who are leaving Mormonism.

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More Study Tips

To Help You Witness

  • Pray.

    Ask God to work through his Word and the time that you spend with your study companion to bless both of you.

  • Use the Study Guide.

    When you sign up for the study at beyeperfect.org, you can download a blank study guide as well as one with answers to all of the questions.

  • Prepare.

    Study the materials in advance of your meetings. 

  • Ask Questions.

    Reach out to us with any questions or comments you have. If your friend asks a question during the study and you don't know the answer, be honest. Then reach out to us and we'll be happy to help.

Our Recommendation

How to Walk Through Each Lesson

We pray that God will richly bless you as you work through this series of videos and devotional studies. If you are looking for some specific direction for working through each lesson, consider the following.

Watch the Video

Watch the video all the way through at least once. The video transcript is also available to read along or study.

Study the Key Points and Verses

Write the Bible verses down in the study guide. Circle key phrases or make notes about questions you have.

Work through the Questions to Consider

Use the written devotion, key points and Bible verses to guide your answers.

If You Want to Learn More

Work through the Go Deeper content

Read the corresponding chapter in God—The Ultimate Humanitarian and work through the quotes and questions to consider.

If You're Interested in Art & Music...

Explore the Art & Music that Matters content

Listen to songs and appreciate artwork that explore each chapter's key points.

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