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St. Paul’s Lutheran Church | Onalaska, WI

St. Paul's Lutheran Church | Onalaska, WI 1201 Main Street, Onalaska

Do you live in or near Onalaska, WI? Please join us for a special Truth in Love Ministry presentation. Pastor Jon Leach will be sharing 5 Tips For Witnessing. Learn about an overlooked but critical mission field and tips to help build the groundwork for speaking the truth in love as you witness. Questions? Please […]

Redeemer Lutheran Church | Tucson, AZ

Redeemer Lutheran Church | Tucson, AZ 8845 N Silverbell Rd, Tucson

Join Pastor Richard Starr for a special Truth in Love Ministry presentation. Learn about this outreach ministry and how you can be a part of it. Why is Mormonism an overlooked mission field? How does Truth in Love Ministry's unique approach to witnessing avoid common witnessing pitfalls? How is God using this ministry for his […]

Upcoming Events

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