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Testimonial: A Former LDS Missionary’s Perspective

I was raised in the Mormon Church in Utah and served a mission for the Mormon Church. In that time, I was extremely zealous for the religion and probably intimidated a lot of people that I was trying to bring into the religion. But inside I was lonely, homesick, sometimes depressed, and scared. I appeared confident and full of answers but I just repeated what I was taught. I was sincere in my conviction in the Mormon Church and believed that it was true and sincerely believed I was bringing people to the only way to God.

I remember many conversations with people trying to tell me I was wrong but I just didn’t see or hear because I was blinded by the god of this world (2 Cor. 4:4). The only thing that opened my eyes to the true gospel of Jesus was reading the Bible like a child. God drew me to Jesus in His time and will and it was through the seeds of God’s Word.

I look back and remember now a few times when Christians approached me on the street or when I knocked on their doors and they witnessed to me with the Word of God. Those are the ones I remember. They planted seeds of the Word in my heart and God gave the growth (1 Cor. 3:7) and now I am so grateful for those believers that spoke to me in love and in the truth.

Reaching out to Mormon missionaries may not seem fruitful at the time.  If you had spoken to me while I was a missionary I probably would have reacted in anger or confrontation.  But now I have been born again in Christ Jesus and all because of the power of God’s Word.  So it wasn’t fruitless for those Christians to speak to me.

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