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What Did Jesus Say?

Help your LDS friends discover the real Jesus.

So often, one simple word is what matters.

Because both Mormons and Christians believe in the same historical Jesus, it can be hard to identify the vast differences between Mormonism and biblical Christianity.

However, theologically, the Mormon Jesus and the Christian Jesus are considerably different. Moreover, these differences are more than a matter of life and death. They are a matter of salvation and damnation. So often, one simple word or phrase will distinguish the Mormon Jesus from the biblical Jesus.

Our What Did Jesus Say? witnessing tract is designed to help you and your Mormon friends have discussions about Jesus that matter. Put it in your Bible and use it as a prompt for your next witnessing conversation.

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"I've joined some ex-Mormon Facebook groups and many Christians there are out to prove Mormonism wrong, but they don't realize they're actually pushing Mormons away. Sharing the truth in love is exactly what Mormons need."

— Evan

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