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Please Open the Door

Will I get blacklisted?

People commonly ask this after they have met with their first group of missionaries. The simple answer is no. What usually happens, if you have taken the time to show them Christian love, is they will write their reports in such a way that subsequent missionaries will be eager to visit you. Sometimes, word of …

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How do Mormons view sin?

Mormons have a weak view of sin even though they will vehemently deny that. Their pamphlet, The Plan of Salvation, states: “Sin is knowingly choosing to do wrong or not to do right.” Since most missionaries share this pamphlet on their second visit, we examine this definition in-depth in the instructions for the second visit. …

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Request Your Copy of Sharing God’s Word with Mormons

Request your free booklet today! We’ve compiled 14 practical examples of our Witnessing Scenarios and Scripture illustrations into a short booklet, Sharing God’s Word with Mormons. You can request it by clicking here. Note: All Witnessing Scenarios, including the ones highlighted in Sharing God’s Word with Mormons, are also available on

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