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Please Open the Door

Please Open the Door Survey

We would love to know what you thought about our Please Open the Door program and content. Your feedback will help us equip more Christians, like you, for witnessing the truth in love!  

Request to Join our Facebook Group

We have a private Facebook group for our active Please Open the Door evangelists. If you have requested a visit, or are actively witnessing to Mormon missionaries, request to join the group to receive encouragement as you witness, learn from others’ experiences, share prayer requests, and enjoy the blessing of comforting others as they witness.

Request a Witnessing Handbook

Past Please Open the Door participants have repeatedly requested additional materials, outlines for missionary visits, and additional witnessing scenarios and illustrations. Based on that feedback, we’ve produced a hard copy handbook for witnessing to LDS missionaries available to all who are enrolled in this course. To request your copy, complete the form below. Note: Due …

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Request a Mentor

We would love to help you by connecting you with a personal witnessing mentor as you witness to Mormon missionaries. Complete the form below to request a mentor today.

Testimonial: Nathan’s Story

I was daunted at the thought of inviting LDS missionaries over to talk with them. Thousands of questions flew around in my mind, but they always revolved around this one question—what am I going to say? I had conversed with LDS members before and didn’t know what to say. How will this be any different? …

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