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Let the Bible Prove Itself

The best strategy is to let the Bible prove, by its powerful message, that it is God’s Word. Paul, for example, spent little time proving what he said was inspired. Rather, he shared the truth of God’s Word and let the Holy Spirit convict people of its inspired truthfulness. That has also been our experience. …

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Set Ground Rules

One of the biggest obstacles people frequently encounter when they begin to witness in-depth is the fear Mormons have that, if they agree to talk about Jesus, you will constantly bring him up. This especially is the case when you see each other regularly. They worry that every time you have the chance, you will …

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Find Others to Support You

Witnessing is emotionally draining. Therefore, it’s extremely helpful to have support. We previously encouraged you to have a small group of Christians praying for you. Consider asking one of them or another mature Christian to support you more directly by talking with you regularly. It is beneficial to have somebody to bounce ideas off of …

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Get on their Wavelength

Christians are on the “Bible” wavelength. Our beliefs are founded on the Bible. We compare teachings with the Bible to determine their truthfulness. The Bible is the source of all God’s revelation. Mormons are on the “feelings” wavelength. Revelation comes through feelings.  They are regularly told to listen to “impressions” they feel. They judge truth …

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Be Transparent About Sin

If we want them to open up to us about things bothering them (i.e. worries, questions, stresses), we need to be open with them. One of the best ways, for example, to show them the wonder of God’s forgiveness is by confessing how we struggle with a sin. Even though we feel badly about it, …

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