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Walking Alongside Someone Leaving the LDS Church

What happens if your friend or family member decides to leave the LDS church? How can you support and encourage them on their journey out of Mormonism? In this video, we share a few more ways Christians can walk alongside friends who are leaving Mormonism.

Stay Encouraged

It’s easy to become discouraged when it appears you are not having any effect. Remember that your responsibility is to witness. It’s the Holy Spirit who brings people to faith. “No one can say, “Jesus is Lord,” except by the Holy Spirit” 1 Corinthians 12:3 Also keep in mind that God says his Word always …

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Remain Persistent

Even if you don’t seem to be having any effect, don’t give up. If they are willing to talk, continue to meet. Almost every Mormon who became a Christian relates how it took them a long time, even many years, to believe in Jesus. There are several different ways you can structure these discussions to …

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Recognize Differences in Belief

The more you talk, the more differences in beliefs will surface. There are a few important things to remember when this happens: Many differences don’t deal with the main topics of sin and eternal life. Rather they deal with less important issues such as pre-existence, baptism for the dead, etc. You will need to practice …

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Use This Bible Translation

The KJV is the official translation of the LDS Church. Contrary to what many people think, they haven’t changed it. The LDS edition, however, does have some additional features. It cross-references their other scriptures and includes sections of the Joseph Smith Translation (also called the Inspired Version). It also has a Topical Guide and a …

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Listen Carefully

The importance of listening can’t be overstated. Ensure that your discussion is a true conversation. Focus on what they say. Don’t become distracted by thinking ahead to the next point you want to make. Inattentive listening has torpedoed many conversations – and relationships. Love them enough to truly listen to them. If you’re worried about …

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Focus on Comparing the Bible and Mormonism, not “My Beliefs and Your Beliefs”

Comparing individual beliefs can easily become a minefield. By talking about “my” and “yours” you make it personal and risk putting them on the defensive. Another danger is assuming their personal beliefs align with Mormonism’s official doctrine – something which often is not the case. Finally, it’s difficult to nail down exactly what they believe. …

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