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Webinar Series

Speaking the Truth in Love to LDS

A 6-week webinar series designed to help you share the truth in love with your LDS friends and neighbors.

What if God's grace depended on you?

How would you know if you've done enough?

Imagine the stress and pressure of never being sure that you're good enough to have eternal life with God in heaven. It's this stress and pressure our LDS friends find themselves under.

And it's why they need you to speak the truth in love.

Join us for a 6-week webinar series

With Mark Parsons

Each week we will look at:

Mistakes that Christians often make when witnessing to Mormons
Biblical principles for witnessing
Aspects of LDS theology and culture that present opportunities to share the truth in love.

What We'll Cover

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Tuesday, April 19 at 6 PM (MTN)

Know and Respond to the LDS Plan of Salvation

Witnessing Tip: See Mormons as Victims, Not as Enemies

Bible Focus: Psalm 67 "Blessed to Be a Blessing / Know and Throw"

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Tuesday, April 26 at 6 PM (MTN)

Know and Respond to LDS Culture

Witnessing Tip: Treat Mormons with Genuine Love and Respect

Bible Focus: 1 Corinthians 9:19-27 -- "Becoming a Slave / The Three Joys of Witnessing"

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Tuesday, May 3 at 6 PM (MTN)

Know and Respond to LDS Stress Points

Witnessing Tips: Focus on Mormon Stress Points, Speak the Mormon Language

Bible Focus: Ephesians 2:1-10 -- "The Rescue / Trust the Plan"

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Tuesday, May 10 at 6 PM (MTN)

Know and Respond to the LDS Temple System

Witnessing Tip: Share Christ Rather than Debate Mormonism

Bible Focus: John 4 — "Don't Debate 'Samaritanism' with a Samaritan / Religion vs. Relationship"

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Tuesday, May 17 at 6 PM (MTN)

Know and Respond to LDS "Parables"

Witnessing Tip: Share Your "Status"

Bible Focus: Romans 1:16 — "Trust in How God Gives Faith: 1) the Power, 2) the Process, 3) Proclaim"

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Tuesday, May 24 at 6 PM (MTN)

Answering Your Questions

During our final session, we'll review what we've learned, share more resources and answer your questions.

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