Speaking the Truth in Love to Mormons

Fast becoming recognized as one of the “classics” in the field. Part One, Know Mormons, explains not only their theology, but also their culture and the particular stresses Mormonism places on its adherents. Part Two, Reach Mormons, details a method that focuses on speaking God’s Word to them in their own language rather than debating their history or beliefs with them. Also includes a 40 page dictionary of “Mormonese”.

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praise for speaking the truth in love to mormons

“Speaking the Truth in Love to Mormons is the best book ever written to equip a follower of Christ to reach a Mormon friend, relative, neighbor or co-worker with the Good News proclaimed in the Bible. ”     –Sam Wall

This book is fantastic!  I wish I had read this book 15 years ago!”     –An Amazon Customer

This book should be “required reading” for anyone who wishes to learn more about LDS culture and/or witness Christian principals and beliefs to Mormon friends, family, neighbors, or co-workers.”     –Dan Kunz

Mark provides a clear, but loving explanation of the differences between Mormonism and Christianity. A great read for Mormons and Christians alike!”     –Saved

This is a great book. I love the author attitude of showing love and respect for Mormons.”     –V. Larsen