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We’ve put the finishing touches on an accompanying chapter-by-chapter Bible course for Pastor Cares’ book, God—The Ultimate Humanitarian. This much-requested guide will be a useful tool and supplement for individuals or groups, alike.

The primary purpose of God—The Ultimate Humanitarian is to speak to people leaving Mormonism. Pastor Cares took special care to use language and illustrations that Mormons can understand. But Pastor Cares also wrote this book to speak clearly and powerfully to Christians by covering familiar topics in a fresh, new way.

This is a comprehensive course with 20 lessons included. It includes a comprehensive leader’s guide enabling anyone to lead it.

“It could serve as a mini Bible information course.” - Rev. Dave Valleskey, former president of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary

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"God-The Ultimate Humanitarian" Bible Course promotional video.

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31 Days of Devotional Prayers to Encourage You as you Witness

A Month Long Prayer Adventure for Sharing Jesus Christ with the World. Download your prayer devotional below.

Witnessing Websites

Truth in Love Ministry has designed two unique websites, SPECIFICALLY for witnessing directly to Mormons. These sites are carefully written to present God's true plan of salvation addressing Mormon stress points and using language that Mormons understand. 

Please give these sites a visit - and use them as a tool for helping your Mormon friends and loved ones. 


His Healing Now

His Healing Now is targeted at Mormon women and especially young Mormon moms. 

Be Ye Perfect

Be Ye Perfect is more general purpose and targets Mormon stress points of worthiness.


What Bible verses should I share with Mormons?

Because of Mormonism’s unique emphases and language, some Bible passages communicate better than others to Mormons. Our newest booklet, “Sharing God’s Word with Mormons” provides 14 practical examples that clearly convey God’s truth to Mormons.


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Download our Free Witnessing Guide

Our Witnessing Conversation Guide shares a practical, 4-step process for preparing for your next witnessing conversation.

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