Pillar 5: Witness Christ rather than Debate Mormonism

There are many problems with Mormonism: embarrassing episodes especially from its early days which it then inaccurately reports, changes in the Book of Mormon, and exotic teachings contradicting the Bible. Mormonism gives us a ton of material which should be extremely troubling to many Mormons.

The key phrase in the previous sentence is “should be”. It’s true such things do bother some Mormons. But they don’t trouble the vast majority of Mormons because they are not their stress points! Countless are the Christians who have laid out all these facts to their Mormon friends only to have their friends quickly dismiss them. The Christian leaves the conversation totally frustrated. “How can this not bother them!”

Understanding Your Mormon Friends & Family

Frustration for the Christian is not the only negative result. This threatens, usually damages, and sometimes even destroys the relationship. Rarely does it improve it. The Mormon immediately becomes defensive and remains wary of future “attacks”. To better understand this, put yourself in their shoes for a minute. Imagine how you would feel if your Mormon friend “attacked” Christianity. How much credibility would you assign them? How open would you be to give serious consideration to their position? How eager would you be for future discussions?

Using the Bible


Most importantly, when you evaluate this approach from the viewpoint of the Bible it becomes clear it is not the best strategy. It doesn’t bring to bear our greatest weapon, the two-edged sword of God’s Word (Ephesians 6:17, Hebrews 4:12). Rather it utilizes the butter knife of human reason. Nor does it tap into the greatest power on earth, namely, the gospel which is the power of God for the salvation of all who believe (Romans1:16).

Instead of Debating Mormonism with Mormons, Witness Christ to Them.

Clearly sharing what Jesus has done for us and the effect it has on us often serves as a magnet drawing Mormons to us.  Here are some key thoughts to keep in mind when talking about Jesus.

  1. Stress Jesus as our substitute (i.e. Isaiah 53:4-6). Mormons primarily see him as their example. Point out the huge difference between the two. A substitute does it for us. An example shows us how but we must still do it.
  2. Stress Jesus as our righteousness, as our law-keeper (i.e. Romans 5:19, 1 Corinthians 1:30, Isaiah 61:10). Mormons are bombarded with the thought that they must obey the laws. The biblical truth that Jesus kept the law for us is totally foreign to them.
  3. Stress the assurance you have that you know you are completely forgiven (i.e. Hebrews 10:14-17) and are accepted by God (i.e. 1 Peter 2:9).
  4. Stress the joy you experience knowing God is with you, providing and protecting you (i.e. Romans 8:31-39, Psalm 23). Mormonism says we are on earth to be tested. As a result, many Mormons think of God as constantly evaluating and grading them. It is like having your boss constantly look over your shoulder as you work.
  5. Stress the confidence you have that you will live eternally with Heavenly Father (i.e. Philippians 1:23). As stated above, only a few Mormons have this confidence. Emphasize that you have no doubts because your acceptance by God depends entirely on Jesus’ work for you and he has already accomplished it (John 19:30).