Pillar 4: Speak The Mormon Language


One of the greatest frustrations Christians experience when they talk with Mormons is discovering they have talked past each other. Mormons not only have a unique way of saying many things, they also give unique definitions to important biblical words. This is why we have provided you with an extensive dictionary of “Mormonese”. (To see examples, go there and check out the definition of common words like sin, grace, and repentance.)

The more time you take to ask questions (pillar #2), the more evident this will become. Here we wish to emphasize only two points:

  1. Many Mormons are not aware of the differences in definitions and often are just as surprised at our definition of a particular word as we are of their definition.

  2. Becoming all things to all people means that, at least in the beginning, you must be the one who defers to their way of speaking whenever you can (i.e. calling God “Heavenly Father”).