Plan of Salvation

The plan of salvation is also referred to as the plan of happiness. According to LDS teachings, Heavenly Father prepared the plan in the pre-mortal existence so that we, his spirit children, could progress and become like him. The whole plan revolves around a person making wise use of their agency by choosing the right. *It is a man-centered plan*.

Our presence on earth indicates we had already used our agency wisely in preexistence. If we hadn’t, we would have been banished along with the devil and would never have had the chance to come to earth.

Our earthly lives are times of testing to see how well we obey. In one sense, it is earthly life is like an obstacle course, where we must prove our worthiness to progress. Or it is like a maze with a dizzying degree of choices. Only by choosing correctly will we progress through the maze. The key is being obedient to the laws and ordinances of Mormonism.

After death, a person's spirit enters the spirit world to continue their eternal progression and await the resurrection of their body. On Judgment Day, Heavenly Father will judge a person's worthiness and assign them to the appropriate kingdom of glory. 

Biblical Christianity teaches a *God-centered plan of salvation*. He is the one who works the plan. God the Father sent his Son to save us. The Son became human and became our substitute. He kept the law perfectly for us and then paid for all sin with his death. The Holy Spirit creates faith in us and is a constant source of strength and comfort for the believer. God does everything. To him be all glory and praise!