Truth In Love Ministry Activity

In order to carry out our mission, Truth in Love Ministry carries out a wide variety of ministry activities. Here's a peek behind the curtain at the many ways we build bridges for witnessing the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Vision to train 80,000 Christians

We are hard at work producing and testing our new video-based training program. Eventually, we want to make this program available to anyone—WORLDWIDE—who wants or needs our training.

Live presentations and seminars

We provide live presentations, Bible classes, and seminars throughout the calendar year. More than 300 in the past four years! This provides important training and exposure for our ministry.

Counseling and encouragement

We receive “calls for help” on a weekly basis. Sometimes daily. A family in crisis. A son or daughter wants to marry or become a Mormon. A friend or loved one needs help witnessing. We strive to assist these people in as timely and as personal a way as possible.

Please Open the Door

This popular program provides web resources and mentoring for our growing and successful program for witnessing to Mormon missionaries. Our volunteers have witnessed to thousands of Mormon missionaries…and counting.


Our ministry operates four websites with more to come.

Witnessing resources

We develop a wide variety of tools to help people witness to Mormons, from articles, to blogs, to videos, to radio interviews.

Volunteer management

Behind the scenes, we recruit, support and coordinate the efforts of hundreds of faithful volunteers. They serve as missionaries, presenters, promoters, event organizers, and a wide variety of ministry support.

Writing and publishing

To date, our ministry has sold more than 36,000 copies of Pastor Cares’ books. Speaking the Truth in Love to Mormons is the book that grew into today’s ministry. God—the Ultimate Humanitarian followed in 2017. Writing and publishing is a critical part of our ministry. Our books serve as teaching tools and resources around the world.

Marketing and communication

Marketing is God’s gift of relationships, service, and communication. To that end, we produce carefully crafted training materials that promote our ministry and support witnessing efforts. And we thank and encourage the people who support our ministry. 

Research trends in Mormonism

We work hard to stay on top of current trends, teachings, discussions, and debates in Mormonism. This helps us do a better job alerting Christians to Mormon stress points and loving opportunities to point them to Christ.

Social media

In addition to promoting our ministry via social media, we have private and secret support groups on Facebook. One group is for Mormons who are escaping their Mormon culture and teaching. The other is for family members of Mormons. In addition, we run Facebook and Instragram ads in heavily populated Mormon areas that address their stress points and drive them to our witnessing websites. This strategy worked remarkably well this past summer in Utah.

June door-to-door witnessing in Utah

Truth in Love Ministry has a long-standing history of going into some of the most Mormon-populated cities in the U.S.—all for the sake of witnessing Christ. In Utah, alone, we’ve knocked on almost 26,000 doors resulting in 8,500 face-to-face witnesses. And counting.

Each summer, a team of 40-50 volunteer missionaries travels to the heart of Mormonism for door-to-door witnessing. This is an enormous undertaking, considering planning, logistics, and training. Our current efforts are helping kick start a new church in Lehi, Utah, just south of Salt Lake City. Lehi is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. It’s also one of the LEAST CHRISTIAN cities in the country.

Office and administrative activities

 As you might imagine, the planning and execution of all this work requires dedicated office staff, coordination, and communication. Our support staff is AMAZING.

We can't accomplish these many ministry activities without help from friends like you. Please consider a gift today.