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Understand Mormonism

Explore the drastic differences between the teachings of Mormonism and the Bible.

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Learn our five simple principles that address the unique challenges and opportunities of witnessing to Mormons.

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Discover how our ministry helps equip and empower Christians to proclaim Christ to Mormons.

"As a former Mormon, I distinctly remember being taught as child that my being a child of God depended on my acting like one. Thank you for spelling these out so clearly as focus points."

Dari, Course Participant & Former Member of LDS church

"Thank you for putting these courses together to equip Christians to speak the truth to Mormons! It is very well laid out and presented."

James, Small Group Leader

Frequently Asked Questions

"What a blessing these lessons have been! I have been meeting on a regular basis with a Mormon friend and will again this Saturday. I have definitely modified my approach to sharing Christ with him."

Mario, Course Participant

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